image     When I heard the boys of the big rouge one were back, I was happily skeptical. Not wanting to ruin the experience by getting a lot of advanced knowledge of the show. I assumed they would be picking up the story where they left off and closing the loop. That in itself was a preconception. If took me two and a half episodes before I realized that’s not what they were doing. With this in mind I rewatched the first two episodes with new eyes.

It took a bit for it to seem like the comedy was flowing as if they had not been away. But in no time it felt like putting on that favorite t-shirt and comfy slippers.  Now this was the writing that got me into Red Dwarf to begin with. By the end of the third episode I was completely hooked, again.

By the end of the series all doubt had vanished and I was ready for more.  The completest in me likes to see storylines wrapped up before they get ruined. I’m sure somewhere, someone is trying to write Red Dwarf:TNG. Or even worse, Red Dwarf – reimagined. This show is fun, it’s funny. Leave it be. Congrats to all involved. You did a great job. More importantly, thank you for brining them back.

“One more helping of Red Dwarf, no I really shouldn’t. But if your offering?”