Out of sheer happenstance I ended up with a little time to go model scavenging. Mainly on the lookout for scratchbuilding kits to build an Avengers Helicarrier, I decided to hit some of my old clearance haunts. The bargain basement in one hobby shop was picked beyond clean. The other was actually a railroad hobby shop with model kits on consignment in the corner. The nice thing was that the railroad business was booming. As luck would have it I did find an aircraft carrier model to use as a really great price. The past few days I’ve been researching the Helicarrier ,Quinjet and other SHIELD vehicles only to be left with the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to build it the way I wanted. Before firing off and email to Marvel I decided to do a Google search for a model of either vehicle. To my surprise Fantastic Plastic is schedule to release a resin kit of both later this year. That really made the day. And if you haven’t checked out Fantastic Plastic you really should. www.fantastic-plastic.com There is a wealth of information along with some really cool kits you won’t find anywhere. And they even take Paypal.