shuttieDay 3 of the countdown and the model of the day it the Shuttle Tydirium. The nice thing about this kit is you can build it in flight or a landed configuration. You also a landing ramp with a Vader to walk down it.










lukeContinuing the countdown, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight. This is a vinyl kit and stands 16″ tall made by Screamin. It’s also the first vinyl kit i’d built.









xwingFirst in the countdown is the X-wing Fighter. Nothing says rebellion like the X-wing Fighter, arguable the backbone of the fighting force. I’m quite sure Rogue Squadron will agree.









11/15/16  Countdown to Star Wars Rogue One

So it been almost a year since I’ve updated the Walkabout. Fear not, I have not embraced the dark side. Quite the contrary. The past year has been filled with Star Wars books, both canon and legends, Rebels, armor, a new lightsaber and most recently a Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront. Which is BEAUTIFUL by the way. It occurred to me that we were creeping up on the one month mark to the release of Star Wars Rogue One. So, to celebrate I will do a countdown to Rogue One by featuring a Star War inspired model every day until the movie release. I’m hoping I have enough models to make it to Dec. 16th. We shall see.

11/28/15 Battlefront Saturday

Finally got to sit and play some Battlefront. Although I got killed time and time again. I enjoyed the game. One of the guys at work was complaining that there wasn’t enough story for his taste. “It’s not like the old one.”  he said. And that’s exactly the point. It’s not like the old one, in some ways its better and in others it isn’t. But, if we have learned anything about Star Wars, its that we have to take what we are given and make the best of it. Not everyone is going to be happy. So either Jedi/Stormtrooper Up or go play Halo.

11/25/15  Star Wars Rebels Spoilers

In Star Wars Rebels episode “Stealth Strike” we find Ezra on an away mission with the Rebel Fleet commander searching for a lost patrol. Of course, they find out that it’s due to the Empire testing its new Interdictor Destroyer. I have imagined that ship for years. To finally see it on-screen it a mix of,”Wow that looks good.” and “I might have made the bridge a little smaller and the Interdictor  domes a bit bigger.” But never the less we got it. Before being captured they get off part of a distress call. The calvry is sent, in the form of Kanan and Rex in Stormtrooper armor. By the time they arrive however, Ezra has escape his captors like a true Jedi Padawan. I must say, its nice to see someone welding a lightsaber with confidence. This is further reinforce by seeing Kanan in Stormtrooper armor using his own lightsaber. When Rebels first aired, I heard a rumor that they wouldn’t be using the Force or lightsaber all that much. Well apparently there has been a change at the ranch, and I for one like it. I mean Star Wars without lightsaber? Who does that? Honestly? Anywho, Chopper comes up with a plan to get them all away. WHICH IS AWESOME. The escape by the skin of their armor. And all is well again in the Rebel Alliance. I have only given a general synopsis of what happened in the episode. There are some really cool things that have to be seen. So I suggest you stop reading this and go watch the episode. You won’t be sorry. The episode gets an A+.


   Found out there was a new Star Wars trailer released and I vowed not to watch it. Two minutes after sitting down in front of the TV it aired. Despite the fact it was a good trailer, I’d like for them to stop showing me stuff.


This weeks Star Wars Rebels features the first flight of the B-wings fighter. As i was watching the episode, the music sounded very familiar. Then it hit me, The Rocketeer. I wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or irritated. I settle on impressed. Not everyone is gonna recognized the Rocketeer music cues. And the B-wing got more love in this one episode than in ROTJ. And we get some of Hera’s backstory. All in all, they get an A for this one.


I’ve finally had enough. Every morning, the first thing I’d do would be to check my email and my Star Wars Commander base. Not willing to spend any real money, my base did okay. But getting attacked and defeated at least twice a day was more than I could handle. So, with mild regret, I deleted the game. It’s somewhat liberating. And i now have more time to do things that I really enjoy like model building. Duh.

January – October 2015


It has been a Star Wars year. Between Rebels, books, comics, conventions and Force Friday, it seems like everyone has Star Wars mania. And as it grows, this thing that I’ve cherished from childhood is beginning to feel overwhelming. Too many people, too much speculation, merchandise at every turn. And I’m afraid that Peter has become the Pirate. I question my association with the franchise and consider retreating to my corner of the basement with ritual indignation. And once again, the galaxy far far away draws me in with the airing of the trailer.  It’s obvious that Star Wars is and will always be in my life. But I will have it on my terms. Enjoy what interests me and ignore the rest.







imageThis weeks Star Wars Rebels, Path of the Jedi, shows Ezra going through his first Jedi trails. I’ve heard lots of arguments about how Kanan is a horrible teacher. Which in the long run is hindering Ezra become a Jedi. In his defense, he did experience the Jedi purge first hand. Secondly, he’s been on the run and hiding the fact that he’s a Jedi for a long time. And thirdly, even Yoda after 800 yrs had to  unlearn what he has learned to become a better Jedi master.  And in the midst of all this we get Yoda as a vocal spirit guide. Genius. I’m not sure how much help Yoda can be to Kanan with his limited ability to contact him. But just knowing Yoda’s  there has to be some comfort to Kanan. With Yoda’s guidance Ezra completed his trial and received his Kyber Crystal. The final shot reveals Ezra presenting his new lightsaber. My first thought was it looked like a staple gun. A podcast I was listening to informed me that it was also a blaster. Which is the first time we had ever seen something like this. I will reserve judgment until I see it in action.The lightsaber reveal might have been more impactful had I not seen it on the large action figure in Toys R Us three months prior. All in all, a satisfactory episodes.








I finished Kenobi today. If you like Obiwan, you’ll love this book.


Found some really cool ships for the X-wing game. I really hope Revell, Disney or someone plans on making new Star Wars model kits. We’ve seen the X-wing, they could release that kits now. 🙂


Started listening to #Kenobi by John Jackson Miller. Really loving the story. Further proof as to why Obiwan is my favorite character. Great job.


Couldn’t wait to get home and download the Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser. After about 10 viewings I’m glad to have seen it in IMAX.

10/20/14 Star Wars Rebels Ep.2 Fighter Flight

The general consensus is that as the show gain its legs it will get better. I must agree. This episode had more character building than anything. Which isn’t a bad thing. I will say, I love the sound of a Tie Fighter. Didn’t realize how much that sound made me smile. Then there were the musical ques. This team is doing it right. The capper was the Stormtrooper troop transport. I about fell off the couch when it say them. Seeing toys from my childhood show up in the new show, and now that means its canon. I have only one question, “Who had the license for the models kits?” Man i hope there will be model kits. Keep up the good work. A++


10/13/14  Star Wars Rebels Ep.1 Droids in Distress


Let me start by saying that I did like the episode. Now that, that’s out-of-the-way. It was a foregone conclusion that R2 and 3Po would show up in Rebels. But the first episode? They wasted no time dusting of the droids and dragging them on-screen.  However, R2 delivers once again. The interaction between R2 and Chopper wasn’t as irritating as I was expecting. However, 3po should probably be deactivated, reprogrammed or never allowed to leave the ship. I get it, he’s just there to move the story along. But. (Heavy Sigh) Calling the Imperials? But I digress.

The up side was not only the back story on Zeb and Kallus, and then they fight.  Up until now, Zeb has been the unstoppable muscle. Kallus all but handed him is butt. Armed with the knowledge that Agent Kallus personally ordered the use of the weapons that made his people all but extinct. Zeb is off his game with anger. And just before the final death-blow, Ezra saves the day with a Force-push. Pretty dang cool guys. Bravo (Slow clap). Let me back up. Earlier, Ezra learned to Force-jump from rooftop to rooftop. The was a lead up to the finally. With the save of the Big Guy, Jedi training beings.

Once again, McQuarrie designs are peppered in the episode. I’d have to do some research, but I think the shuttle was from Star Tours. Okay, okay I’m all in.

Great job Everyone!!!










A moment with Obiwan.


I remember thinking, “NO WAY! You can do that? I didn’t know you could do that.”



The Phineas and Ferb Affair


Although, I like the show on its own merit. The Star Wars crossover was a hit and a miss. The basic show has its basis in the musical era. Which isn’t a bad thing, Oliver is probably my favorite. Some of the songs were ok, but mostly they seems too long and out of place. So obviously this was the miss part.

The hit part is that some of the visuals looked great. Much like The Clone Wars, this shows the potential that they have in creating new Star Wars adventures. Story wise it was,”Okay, so this is what Disney is going to do with Star Wars.” But visually, it made me look forward to the upcoming Star Wars Rebels.




I’m glad to have the story but would love yo have seen it animated by the Clone Wars team.





From the season 4 episode “Friends and Enemy’s”


After three and a half seasons of watching Ahsoka Tano fight Droid troops, Destroyer droids, General Grievous, Count Dooku,Ventriss and Maul. Countless rescues of Anakin. This was the moment for me. This was the moment I no longer looked at Ahsoka as a Padewan, but a full fledged Jedi Knight. Protecting her Master, out numbers three to one. I had no doubt that she could hold her own.









image     This is the first currently running comic I’ve ever purchased. That’s not to say this the first comic I’ve ever read. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by comic loving Star Wars fans. As the story goes, this story arc was completed and ready for animation when it got the vibro-ax. We thought we’d be left to image the fate of Maul. But the will of The Force was with us this time.

When last we saw Maul, he was beaten down, broken and mourning the death of his brother at the hands of Darth Sidious. The episode ends with Sidious telling Maul he’s not done with him yet. And with that, we thought the story was done and we’d be left to image his fate. Luckily they decided to make that story arc into a comic book. The comic reads like the Clone Wars. Thankfully. Aside from two small things in the story is pretty good.