The Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet


From the begin I was hooked. Battlestar Galactica aired when I was ready to absorb any and all science fiction that they would put on the tellie. Battlestar was one of the best. It was unfortunate that the show only lasted one season. The was suppose to carry the last of the human race on 220 ships. As massive as the fleet looks on camera, we only really get to see little more than 20 ships. I’ve always wanted to see more ships. Deciding this to be a long term project, I have the opportunity to built my own rag tag fleet. If nothing else it’s an excuse to scratchbuild spaceships of varying shapes and even take some creative license and cross continuities. The only rule we will follow will be that of scale. Everything will be in scale, or as close as possible to the Galactica model.