One of my favorite spacecrafts comes from the seventies Filmation live action Saturday morning kids show Space Academy. The show feature several young and special kids through their adventure at Space Academy. Did I mention that the academy was built onto and asteroid? If that wasn’t cool enough, they got to fly to their adventures in the Seeker shuttle.

Being a Sci-fi modeler, you are limited to the few kits that are produced. Unless you plan to scratchbuild, but we’ll come back to that. Most of us have a wish list and the Seeker is on my list. So when I stumbled upon a Seeker kit a few years ago, I knew I wanted one. At the time, I figured that I’d find one on Ebay or some model show. At the very least at Wonderfest. But several year went by and I hadn’t even seen more than pictures of this illusive kit. While attending Wonderfest my James Small and got me his email. I tried for a couple of year to stay in contact in the hopes that there might be some renewed interest in recasting the model. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. However, James got me in touch with Pat Hill that did the blueprints. I bought a 2 sets of the blueprints from Pat, one to frame and the other to build from. And I’ve been on cloud nine every since.  I’d like to thank Bill, James and Pat for getting me to the point that I can build my own Seeker model.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4