When Battlestar Galactica aired, every model builder sat in high hopes of kits. I personally was making a mental list as the show progressed. Thanks to the Syfy Channel and Moebius models we have a series of kits inspired by the show  The Cylon Raider.


Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider by Moebius Models

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider by Moebius Models

The designer ,Eric Chu,  had a monumental task in filling the desires of the producers. Every attempt was made to separate any and all designs from the original series. When they say re-imaged they weren’t lying. But, like in the original series the Cylon Raider was not one of my favorite ships.  The original ships were just that, ships. The new series has these fighters more akin to a battle beast like a war-horse. It was a weird design. The only reason I picked up the kits was to support Moebius Model and the Syfy channel. There are so few Scifi kits out there at a reasonable price. This was an opportunity that could be passed up. To my amazement the kit was better than I expected.


The kit and instructions are very simple. Only a few pieces and perfect for the my Model in a Weekend build. The thing that impressed me the most was the way pieces fit together. The designers  managed to hide seams in a way that fall along the ships body panel. I used Modelmaster “Airbrush Only” metalizers. The main body was painted Burnt Exhaust and accented with Exhaust, Magnesium and shades of gray. The kit took the paint well. Even the final touch up with a brush took less than and hour.

image image

     image      I thought I was crazy, but the completed model looks fantastic. I even showed it to a friend who felt as I did. He agreed that the finished kit translates so much better than the small screen could allow. All I can say is, Great Job. There is a Cylon Raider they designed for the series that’s based on the original Raider maybe they might just pop that into a kit. Let me be the first to sign up. Again, Great Job guys.